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El Paso kindergarten class has special graduation ceremony

EL PASO, Texas -- Like many classes all over the country, teacher Leslie Borak's kindergarten students were sent home early and had not been able to properly say goodbye.

Not wanting to let down their kids or students, homeroom mom Martha Calvillo organized the other parents - and with Borak's help they came up with a plan.

"All they talk about is missing each other, so I thought let's bring them to me and then they can see each other and it can be our last bit of togetherness," said Borak.

Normally at St. Matthew Catholic School, graduations are reserved for their 8th graders who are heading to junior high.  Since Covid-19 shutdown the school, there was nothing stopping the class from having their celebration.

Proud Principal Veronica De La Cruz who attended the event recognized the historical importance:  "It's the first time it's ever happened.  It's the sign of the times of what we are living and she's a teacher that went above and beyond what was asked of her."

Before the families arrived, they met up at Tippin Elementary so that they could get their vehicles ready for the parade they had planned.  Parents decorated what they drove with banners, balloons and well wishes written in marker.

When the parade arrived, Borak waved to the kids in the cars passing bye as drivers honked in jubilation.

After parking, the parents arranged their children six feet apart, put on their masks and one at a time the graduates received their diploma.

"It turned out amazing.  I'm so happy that it worked out.  We had so much fun," lamented the overjoyed teacher.

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. Why are people celebrating such a meaningless accomplishment like finishing Kindergarten? Definitely from the “Everyone should get a trophy” crowd.

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