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El Paso

El Paso to rename Robert E. Lee Road in honor of Buffalo Soldiers

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to rename Robert E. Lee Road in east-central El Paso as Buffalo Soldiers Road.

The move comes amid a national debate over names of facilities, statues and other honors for those linked to the Confederacy, seen as a symbol of slavery in the South; Robert E. Lee was a top Confederate general during the Civil War who has no known ties to El Paso.

The leader of the Valley View Neighborhood Association, who proposed the change, noted that Fort Bliss renamed their portion of the street six years ago to instead honor the Buffalo Soldiers - a group of African American soldiers who protected western settlers in the aftermath of the Civil War.

The City Council action followed a decision by the El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees last week to undertake a process to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School in the northeast section of the city.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. I’m the most liberal poster on this blog but I fail to see how changing the names of these streets and schools plus tearing down statues advances anything.

    1. Also you are the only liberal poster on this blog. All your other Alberto V. aliases don’t count. You are always outnumbered by the good guys. So bad you dream up more delusional aliases and whine.

        1. Good question. Things have changed. During the Second World War, the Nazis were the bad guys. How did they all of a sudden become the “good” guys?

    2. Russell, a Democrat from Georgia, at one point argued that the bill would lead to the destruction of the South’s “two different social orders” and result in the “amalgamation and mongrelization of our people.”
      Here is a demoKKKrat at work for mark the racist.

  2. To me, it would be more productive to leave them up and teach the younger generations about the evils surrounding said names along with the positives. That way awareness will be instilled so there will be less chance of these evils being repeated in the future. However the names of schools might be another issue. The more knowledge we have, good or bad will help the younger generation.

  3. I don’t have a problem with renaming this road to Buffalo Soldiers. Long time coming in recognizing these soldiers. My only regret is that it’s coming during very distressed times. It only looks like the city council is trying to appease African Americans not really do anything to improve the quality of life for all of us. Renaming history will not change what has happened and will not prevent the evil of the demoKKKrat party and their liberals.

    1. The Republicans took over the KKK after Lyndon Johnson forced passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. True they were all Democrats after the Civil War and throughout Reconstruction, but that all changed in the ’60s. We’ve gone over this with all you revisionist tin foil hat wearers several times. Please pay attention so you won’t sound so completely uninformed.

      1. Yeah the Repubs took over the racists demokkkrats after a bloody war? It was the Repubs that helped Johnson pass the civil rights act. Not a demokkkrat in sight. You can warp and rewrite history for yourself all you want, you can topple all the statues you want but history stands. You don’t want to be a racist , I get it. But you are.

          1. markturner is so full of puerco. He is actually that bigot and racist Alberto the libtard.

      2. markturner is reading some alternative universe history book. I guess he never heard of Robert Byrd who was a Democrat. Crooked Hillary’s mentor.

        1. And don’t forget the grand kleagle or some garbage like that, that byrd was head of the kkk. Those gems mark and the rest of the racist keep forgetting about.

    1. Why did you try to hide this little gem, there mark the racist?
      Russell, a Democrat from Georgia, at one point argued that the bill would lead to the destruction of the South’s “two different social orders” and result in the “amalgamation and mongrelization of our people.”
      Your demoKKKrats wanted to stop the passage of the civil rights act. It was the Republicans, even though the minority of both houses, voted to pass the bill. Imagine that. Try spinning this little gem around, racist.

  4. BET founder Robert Johnson rips ‘borderline anarchists’ taking down Confederate statues> Whoa! How did a very successful black man gets to call these anarchists what they are, Anarchists, and the rest of the world cant” Even he doesn’t want General Lee’s statue pulled down. Imagine that mark the racist, alberto muerto, ux2, caca cara and the rest of the 60 mentally challenged idiots.

  5. It didn’t take long for the City of El Paso to get on the “cancel culture” bandwagon especially with all those city council progressive liberals that claim they are non-partisan and work in the name of their constituents.

  6. Come on Patriots. Follow the exitis to Parler and leave these lying, uneducated, corrupt liberals behind. Parler is like twitter but for conservative Patriots like us. You don’t have to worry about being, blocked, suspended or oppressed by the evil left liberals like on twitter. People who actually believe in facts and justice and law and order and AMERICA are movingto Parler. I joined this morning. It’s great. It’s really nice to be around intelligent, informed people rather than the leftist propaganda pill popping idiots who hang around this site.

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