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Over 650 Afghan refugees currently housed at Ft. Bliss

EL PASO, Texas -- Over 650 evacuees from Afghanistan are currently being housed at Fort Bliss and officials have indicated more are expected to arrive this week.

El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar said Monday that more than 650 Afghan refugees had arrived at the military installation as of Saturday. Fort Bliss officials on Sunday had indicated additional arrivals would be continuing over the next several days.

The Pentagon said Monday that the current total number of Afghan refugees being housed at four military installations in the U.S. - including Fort Bliss - is approximately 1,200.

Neither Escobar or Army officials have estimated how many total Afghani refugees are expected to be housed at Fort Bliss once evacuations are concluded.

Escobar said the hundreds of evacuees currently at Bliss are visa applicants along with their families. She indicated that the Army post was "preparing to house (the) refugees for an extended period" as those visa applications are processed.

People who worked with the U.S. military in Afghanistan as translators, interpreters or other contractors are eligible to receive a visa, but there is currently a backlog in the lengthy application process.

The congresswoman said all evacuees taken to Fort Bliss had received "rigorous medical screenings" and she added that plans were being made for on-site Covid-19 vaccinations. The Pentagon said all evacuees are tested for Covid-19 upon arriving at the Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. before being transported to Bliss and the other housing sites. 

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are stranded over there. The red-haired witch from the White House is telling everyone they’re not stranded because they chose to be there! We see how Biden/Harris is spinning the rhetoric in their favour.

      1. Everyone knows Trump and Pompeo surrendered to the Taliban. Then right afterwards 16 Republicans voted against bringing Afghan interpreters to the US. Trump had 4 years to process these visas and refused to do so. So STFU.

        1. The Trump plan included an exit strategy that would have allowed us to get all Americans out safely first and would hold the Taliban accountable. Like everything else he touches, Biden screwed it up.

          1. Trump had no plan. If he had he would have started processing visas right after he surrendered to the Taliban.

          2. Trump had a plan. You are just so driven by hate that you can’t see what’s right in front of your face and you can’t handle the fact that the Biden regime is collapsing before it even really gets started. Please seek help

        2. The pullout was ordained by the American people nitwit especially after 20 years. Trump had an agreement with the Taliban senile Joe didn’t. He thought the Taliban were nice guys and left it at that. He trashed Trump’s plan and extended the deadline to August 31 which gave the Taliban plenty of time to take over the country and make him look like a fool. You need to STFU.

        3. Hey nitwit. The final vote was 407 to 16 meaning the majority of Republicans voted for it. The 16 Republicans no voted because the Democrats added people and organizations that did not directly help the U.S. in Afgahnistan. In other words they added pork. The Democrats had plenty of time to bring up and vote for the SIV program but they were too busy tying to overthrow and impeach Trump.

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