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New Mexico

Man pulled from burning RV by neighbor after explosion in Truth or Consequences RV park

An explosion in Truth or Consequences has left one man seriously injured and destroyed 2 recreational vehicles and a home.

The explosion happened around 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Cielo Vista RV Park.

New Mexico Fire Marshal was still on the scene investigating when an ABC-7 crew was there Thursday afternoon. Neighbors told ABC-7 an explosion caught an RV, severely burning a 71-year-old man.

ABC-7 talked with the neighbor who pulled that man, who neighbors said was named Patrick, out of the fire.

“The rig shook and I came outside, I could see the flames,” Louie, the man responsible for pulling Patrick out of the fire, said. “I could hear someone hollering for help and I immediately ran over.”

Louie and another neighbor didn’t hesitate to take action when they heard the explosion. Both ran into the flames to rescue Patrick.

“In the process of us getting him out, the place really exploded into flames. I was in it.”

When asked what was going through his mind, Louie didn’t hesitate and said, “Getting him out.”

Louie said he and the other neighbor had to drag him out of the flames because of the seriousness of the injuries.

“He didn’t have nothing on him bellow the waste. It was all gone,” Louie said. “You could see the skin peeled…. the skin on his arms… everything. It was all peeled.”

When asked about why he ran into the flames, he answered, “Well, the man needed help. He just, someone needed help and I just tried to help.”

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