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Beto O’Rourke calls on ‘pathetic’ Gov. Abbott to ‘resign’ over handling of virus pandemic

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Beto O'Rourke (left) and Greg Abbott (right).

EL PASO, Texas -- Former El Paso congressman and prominent Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke called on Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to resign, saying his handling of the coronavirus pandemic to date has been "pathetic."

O'Rourke made his comments in a Monday night twitter post following an Abbott interview with a Beaumont TV station in which the governor rejected calls by local leaders across the state for the power to institute "stay at home" orders as hospital capacities near a crisis level. (You can watch Abbott's remarks in the video player at the top of this article.)

Hospitalizations across Texas have more than doubled in the last two weeks, rising to a record 8,698 people in hospitals on Monday. Hospitals in the Rio Grande Valley are at capacity - and the mayors of Austin, San Antonio and Houston say they are just days away from also reaching that point.

Abbott, who had pushed Texas’ aggressive reopening of the state economy,  maintained empowering cities to go into lockdown mode would only "force Texans into poverty."

The governor, who issued a mandatory statewide mask order last week after strongly refusing the idea previously, said if local leaders would simply enforce the mask mandate - the virus could be slowed without the need for shutdowns.

"They ask for more and more, but do absolutely nothing," Abbott complained of some mayors and county judges. "They just now need to step up and begin to enforce the orders that are already in place."

A seemingly miffed O'Rourke responded tersely in a late-night tweet:

"Abbott opens Texas too soon, issues mask order too late, denies local leaders authority to contain the virus — causing uncontrolled covid spread, many hospitalized & soon dead because of his negligence — and then blames local officials? Pathetic. Resign."

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



        1. Unlike you Alberto I get a good nights sleep. You have to deal with chronic insomnia and dozens of schizo voices in your head. Good punishment for you. I get the best and last laugh.

  1. “ I mad a mistake and open up too early”. “I am angry at trump moron”. Too late. Your time to shine came and went AND YOU FAILED!!!! In the most historic time you failed to lead Texas and must step down!!!!!!

  2. Abbott and the mayors and county judges shouldn’t start a pissing contest right now. Just get together and do what we all know we must do to get this thing under control.

      1. Little robert francid o’dork, the one that fantisized about running down children. The one that wrote about waxing someone’s testicles. The one whose mother got caught not reporting income. *F* ing loser and pervert.

  3. Abbott is actually doing the same, if not better, than what Cuomo in NY did when they got their surge. The differences are Abbott did admit to making mistakes, and he doesn’t have a D next to his name on TV. O’Rourke is being an opportunist. I’m not sure who’s the bigger dunce in Texas is right now; O’Rourke or the Lt Gov who’s reverting to his talk radio persona rather than leading.

    1. O’Rourke is doing a little bit of “Monday morning quarter backing”. However the Governor of NY and the Governor of TX had a completely opposite approach. NY still hasn’t opened up to the extent TX has. Their curve is going down and ours is going up. Whether or not Republicans want to admit it; Cuomo has done the best job of curtailing this pandemic than any of the other hot spot Governors.

          1. You should be more worried about your mental health Alberto. You are the one multitasking a dozen psycho schizos 24/7.

    2. Ditto about Dan Patrick. That idiot’s mission in life is to make sure that the rest of the country sees all Texans as ignorant uneducated hillbillies.

      1. Markturner aren’t you the uneducated white trailer park trash hillbilly? Just like your main schizo character Alberto. Only Alberto uses certain keywords like hillbilly. Oops!

        1. Let us look at the turner facts. He showed up on KVIA about the same time he registered as a sex offender in El Paso County. He used the handle markturner1946. That is the same year the offender was born. He changed his handle to 1961, trying to explain that 1946 was his mother’s birth year, and that he was born in 1961, making his mother 15 when she had him. (NOT LIKELY) He has never denied his middle name in phillip. (Do you really expect anyone on this thread to beliece yu aren’t him?

          1. Nope, different Turner. Its been explained to you before. Do you want to get into why you were run out of AA county in Maryland?

          2. No doubt markturner is the dumbass Alberto Velarde. The section 8 welfare queen. Just another schizo voice in his head that came to life as another alias. He thinks he is smart but he is really dumb.

        1. Patrick is one of the reasons is turning blue. The orange buffoon will actally get it done if his campaign will just let him keep talking and tweeting. Its as if he’s on the Biden campaign payroll.

    3. Obviously the biggest dunce in Texas is probably Beto since he is now a nobody. Honestly who cares what he has to say. I am still waiting for him to come and take my AR15.

    4. Abbott caved to pressure from far-right, grass root groups that disagreed with the near total shutdown that ended early May. It all started with the refusal of the North Dallas salon owner who refused to comply with the shutdown. Obviously, this is all political as these people are only worried about the economy as Trump always took credit for the strong economic growth before Covid. These ultra-conservative goons are hell-bent on keeping Trump in office even if they have to betray their own party. At least Cuomo wouldn’t cave to the demands of any far-left progressive groups.

  4. Sour grapes robert. Wah! Abbott’s doing a better job than the new york and kali guvs. It’s just that Abbott’s not a dimo so of course everything he does is wrong according to you moonbat lefties.

      1. Cuomo intentionally sent infected patients into nursing homes, resulting in thousands dying. He had hospital facilities he never even used mass murder.

        1. I never said Abbott was doing a lousy job. In fact he’s done a pretty good job. Much better than most Republican Governors. He just tried to open too soon and he admitted that. He took responsibility.

          1. I applaud you for admitting that. But to say cuomo has had the best response is absurd, at least let another state surpass the Cali numbers before praising the guy

          2. But the majority of businesses that were essential never closed therefore not part of any reopening scheme. Account for that moron.

      2. Stats? What an idiot! 1/4 of the deaths from Covid-19 occurred in one Democrat State, New York. The top 8 states for deaths are all Democrat states and account for almost 70 percent of all deaths due to Covid-19. No simpler explanation than that. You and your dumbass loser buddy Beto owe Governor Abbott an apology. Get with it asap. Yes end to your ridiculous debate.

        1. You’re correct. NY was the epicenter of the virus. Look at where they are today. Look at where we are. This is not rocket science you idiot.

          1. These guys are right. You are dumb. Red China was the original epicenter. New York became the epicenter after various Democrat government gaffes and bad decisions. Governor Cuomo comes to mind.

          2. BTW – Obviously you are not a rocket scientist. Just a dumb politically deranged person posting his garbage on a blog.

      3. YOU need to look at the money. Wonder why cases are skyrocketing but deaths aren’t? The short answer….Hospital Administrators. Standard pneumonia – Medicare lump sum payment = $5,000. COVID-19 Pneumonia – Medicare payment $13,000. If they go on a ventilator it’s as much as $39.000. This virus isn’t just political it’s profitable. Hospital are calling EVERYTHING COVID to get more money for the same treatment.

        1. UMC will charge $7000 per day at the emergency room and provide none of the above. I bet the county is actually making money with UMC for a change.

    1. How’s Bobby flipping the Texas House blue going for him? I heard they ran him off out of the western Houston suburbs back in January. He is a has been loser. He needs to shut up.

  5. Liberals – “We can’t beat you so we need you to resign”

    Also Liberals – “We don’t have answers to dispute your facts so your you’re a moron”

    Also Liberals – “You don’t agree with us so your a racist”

    Liberalism is the real virus that is killing this country.

          1. Aww, Alberta’s feminine side is coming out, which is why he got booted out of the Navy.

          1. I don’t really care who lives there. Larger populations of antelope than people and beautiful scenery. That’s all I need. And I don’t give a flip about what any of you low-life’s think!

  6. All you supporters of the orange buffoon sure are getting shrill now that November 3 is coming close. Whats the matter? All you idiots are just babbling the first thing that pops onto your feeble minds. Kinda like your idiot daddy, the orange buffoon.

  7. All of these right wingers are hopped up on strong coffee and valium. Wish Beto would be on the news Everyday so they can piss their pants with excitement. You guys are going to change each other’s diapers come November when you’ll have a Democratic President AGAIN! Beto isn’t going anywhere soon because when Biden builds his new Administration Beto will be there in an official position. He will be NRAs worst nightmare, and yours too! #FUC*TRUMP. #BIDEN/HARRIS2020!

  8. Madmike, Trump is the ultimate pervert and crooked businessman. All of you Trumpturds can say whatever you want about Beto, but at least he’s not a vile racist. You probably also support the white power movement and grabbing women by the crotch.

    1. Another nasty woman like Hillary. Beto is worse than any racist. He culturally appropriated being a Hispanic. Also, he was for open borders. With open borders our coronavirus situation would be 100 times worse. Biden is the crotch grabber. Plus he likes to smell little girls hair.

    1. Thanks for confirming your stupidity with your hastags. Biden isn’t a functioning adult. You support someone who doesn’t even meet your own standards.

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  10. Feo is not anti transgender he’s just mad because the government wouldn’t pay for his sex change. Hey Feo, do your own sex change. Just try not to hurt yourself.

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