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El Paso
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Victim hospitalized in serious condition after being rescued from the Rio Grande near Zaragoza Bridge

EL PASO, Texas -- A person was hospitalized in serious condition after being pulled late Tuesday night from the water of the Rio Grande.

That person was discovered by the El Paso Fire Department’s Water Rescue Team as they searched the river near the Zaragoza Bridge and Loop 375 after receiving reports of several people in the water. No others were found.

It was unclear if the person rescued was a migrant attempting to cross the border; authorities did not release that individuals's identity.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. Fire department save lives, they dont care about borders or nasty politics. Shame on you uvacowboy for spreading hate at a time like this. Why dont you keep your opinion to yourself.

      1. You are missing the point. Firefighters shouldn’t endanger their lives because people choose to make dangerous decisions.

        I hope the victims survive but who is going to pay for the hospital bill?

        1. Firefighters and police are in risky professions by their own choosing. They’re in jobs that help/support people and communities. The job requires them to sometimes take calculated risks when they attempt to help/rescue people, even if those people put themselves at risk through their own stupidity. FD/PD train for it. So yeah, rescuing illegals was the right thing to do.

          With that said, who’s going to pay? We are of course, the tax payers.

  1. “It was unclear if the person rescued was a migrant (i.e.- Illegal) attempting to cross the border.” Oh gee, what do you think? Probably a USC that went for a swim, right?

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