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UTEP, NMSU face off in Battle of I-10…

It’s the game the borderland has been waiting for, the Battle of I-10 is here!
Both teams will take on the field and one will leave with their first game of the season.
Will it be the Aggies or Miners?

Thousands of people are expected for the game between UTEP and NMSU.

Both UTEP and NMSU have had winless seasons so far and homecoming for both schools is next week.

UTEP’s losing streak has lasted all of last season plus this year, but they do lead in the Battle of I-10, winning 57 of the past 95 games. The crowds, however, are still dismal.

UPTE’s season opener, their only home game so far, filled barely a third of the Sun Bowl.

NMSU, who won in 2017, is also hoping for that win after making it to a bowl last year.

UTEP has won eight of the last nine Battles of I-10.

We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if that longer-than-a-year losing streak will be over or continue.





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