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Deming enters negotiations with firefighters after wage complaints

DEMING, New Mexico - A Deming city official confirms to ABC-7 that the city has entered into collective bargaining agreement with city firefighters.

Fourteen firefighters out of a force of about 20 to 21 handed in their 2 weeks' notices over working conditions and low pay.

Negotiations took place over 5 hours today with no resolution. Talks could resume next Tuesday.

Requests to talk to either side about the ongoing negotiations have gone unanswered.

A wife of a nine-year Deming firefighter told ABC-7 her husband earns just $12.95 an hour, just under $27,000 dollars a year before overtime.

"These guys are passionate, they love what they do there is a mental, emotional and physical toll they go through, you can not just come off the streets and apply and be a certified, trained firefighter provider, you can't," said Cherish Sweetser, a firefighter's spouse.

A rally supporting a pay raise was held Monday.

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  1. If the government can pay lazy people to live in section 8 and give them food stamps and Medicaid then they can find the money to give our brave firefighters a raise.

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